• Deliver our music and well-being programme with 2 large concerts a year.

  • Develop bespoke music workshops for your school.

  • Lead the school choir.

Let SoundSational close the attainment gap.​

  • Professional coaches take singing to a different level.

  • Work with music departments to develop singers and musicians.

  • Develop bespoke music workshops for your school.

  • Coach singers in preparations for exams.

  • Run projects for Youth Learning Hubs.

  • Develop bespoke music workshops.

  • Songwriting, producing and programming workshops.


“SoundSational have just completed their first block of work with our current Primary 7 pupils in St Ignatius' Primary School in Wishaw.
What a wonderful experience for our children.
Tommy and his team are truly fantastic at what they do. From music theory to fun and laughs, the children were engrossed from the first week. To have the opportunity for our boys and girls to work with such professional and talented musicians is truly a once in a lifetime experience.
As a result of this opportunity a number of our pupils have also successfully auditioned for Tommy's choirs outside of school hours and will now continue to develop their singing and performing talents with dedicated teachers and musicians who clearly love what they do.
This block of work culminated in a performance for parents during our graduation day. Quite simply, this was sensational! Pupils who would never dream of singing on stage found themselves performing contemporary hits and singing solos in front of proud families and staff. Every child on the stage had built their skills to a level which surpassed even our own most ambitious predictions. The performance was slick, fun and above all, truly emotional!
It has been a wonderful insight into the possibilities that performing arts provide for young people. Our pupils as a whole are more confident in so many ways, and for a number, this experience has opened doors into a new and exciting world of performing that will be with them for their whole lives.
We cannot recommend SoundSational enough!
Thanks guys!”

—  Deputy Head Teacher, St Ignatius Primary School.