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SoundSational Juniors are a group of young people who all share a passion for music. From singing and performing, to writing songs and recording albums, this group has it all! 

The Juniors are not just a choir of young people, they are a team! And although our Juniors are open to everyone, we do have some requirements.

  • You have a passion for singing and performing!

  • You are in primary 6 - 4th year!

  • You are ready to give it your all and commit to being part of the SoundSational family!

With the support of the SoundSational tutors, the young people will have many exciting opportunities to perform.
With aspiring young musicians, our juniors learn the basics of songwriting.
Vocal Technique
Our industry professional tutors teach 1-2-1 vocal lessons expanding knowledge of technique and performance.
SoundSational work closely with partners - The Foundry Music Lab, giving our Juniors access to incredible recording studios.
Team Work
"Team work makes the dream work!"
As well as other performance opportunities, the Juniors perform 2-3 professional concerts a year.
Youth Development
With monthly youth work sessions the juniors are able to discuss social and personal issues, learn life skills and do fun activities further bonding the group.
Our aspiring young musicians are taught about the music industry today. They are given opportunities to record for Pantomimes, and perform for local charities and organisations.
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When becoming a Junior, you will have very exciting opportunities to perform and be creative in music. At weekly rehearsals, you will work closely as a team, as well as work with our industry professional tutors, where you will develop your vocal, breathing and performance techniques to enhance your group and solo performance abilities.

​​Two Sundays a month we host workshops on songwriting/musicianship where the young people will learn the basics of how to be a musician and what the music industry is like today for young performers. We also include workshops on youth development. This provides the young people with a chance to get to know one another, bond as a team and work through personal and social issues.



As an extra bonus, you will have access to a private recording studio where you will learn recording skills, studio techniques and even get the chance to compose your own songs.

With confidence, beautiful harmonies, and a strong act, audiences, competition, and friends and family will be in awe of your talents!

Our Junior choir has limited spaces, but contact us today to find out about our next taster session.